An Interview with Amber Davies, Star of Pretty Woman The Musical

Interview with Amber Davies, Star of Pretty Woman The Musical

Adapted from the 1990 romantic comedy film, Pretty Woman is currently touring the country. The musical has a score written by Bryan Adams and his long term writing partner Jim Vallance. The stage show features Oliver Savile as Edward, Ore Odubu as Happy Man/Mr Thompson, Natalie Paris as Kit de Luca and Amber Davies as Vivian. Graham Clark spoke to Amber ahead of the show stopping at four Yorkshire venues in 2024…

How does the stage version of Pretty Woman differ from the film?
They have tried to keep the musical as true to the film as they can. The story is the same and so are the characters, as well as the dance routines and the songs that people remember. So really, it is not much different at all.

Were you always a fan of the film?
I was indeed. The film is a classic as far as I am concerned. I was introduced to it when I was very young so it is more a nostalgic film for me.

The music was co-written by Bryan Adams, has he seen this production of Pretty Woman?
He actually popped into our rehearsals one day. We all froze when he came in as we could not believe our eyes. He was really appreciative of what we were doing. I think when you hear those songs in the show you will see that they have a hint of Bryan Adams in there.

Is it a demanding musical for you?
I don’t leave the stage for all of the show and I also sing quite a few songs too. I have a few favourite moments in the musical – we have a gorgeous opera moment and every single night when I hear my fellow actors singing opera it feels breathtaking – a really good twist and mix to the show.

Going from Love Island then Pretty Woman has been quite a journey for you, have you found it challenging?
I had my West End debut in 2018 and have not done any television work since Love Island. I have been doing theatre work since, then Dancing on Ice got in contact and it seemed a great opportunity. I like to take on a challenge as it keeps me fresh. At the moment I am training for two hours a day for Dancing on Ice as well as doing eight shows a week with Pretty Woman.

Did you find it was harder to be taken seriously as an actress after appearing on Love Island?
Not really, it took a while to change the audience’s perspective but now I have done so many theatre shows that has changed. The musical theatre industry is very small, so people build respect very quickly. Yes, I was on Love Island but it does not define who I am as a person.

The show is coming to the north, have you been before?
Yes, I have when I was on 9-5. I am looking forward to coming to Stockton Globe as I have heard about the theatre re opening after being closed for so many years, the restoration sounds magnificent and to be playing on the Globe stage over the festive period will be very special.

If anyone is undecided about coming to see the show what would you say to encourage them to come along?
If you want to be sucked into Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s world for two and a half hours and be a part of the Pretty Woman experience then come and see the show. It is an upbeat, happy love story where you escape reality, which is something we all need with all the bad things going on in the world today.

Pretty Woman – The Musical visits the following theatres:
Stockton Globe: 14 – 30 December 2023 – tickets here
Hull New Theatre: 5- 10 February 2024 – tickets here
York Grand Opera House: 19-24 February 2024 – tickets here
Leeds Grand: 14- 25 May 2024 – tickets here
Sheffield Lyceum: 23 – 28 September 2024 – tickets here

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